Nutrition Week!

This week our businesses are celebrating Nutrition Week! A very big part of enjoying a better quality of life is to have healthy nutritional habits, take part in physical activity, and remembering to take your bio-identical hormones on a regular basis! I know in the past we have discussed the importance of compliance when taking your bio-identical hormones, and we’ve also given pointers on the easiest way to order , but I just wanted to share with you all my tips for staying on top of taking my medications!

• Set a pop-up reminder on your email calendar and phone to start your cyclical medications, such as Progesterone or Estrogen.

• Keep medications in an easy spot that you access both in the morning, and the evening. I keep mine in the bathroom next to my toothbrush!

• Purchase a pill-case so you can organize your pills for the week. When you fill up your last week it is usually a good time to order to allow yourself plenty of time to receive your prescriptions.

• Refill your prescriptions by either giving us a call at 281-828-9088 or toll-free at 1-877-640-5248. • Refill your prescriptions online at, by doing this you save 10% on your order!

Please share with us any tips you have that help you remember to take your medications! We love to hear from you!

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