What Your Pharmacist Can Do for You

Female pharmacist with a female customer in her pharmacyAs strange as it may sound, most people have no idea what exactly their pharmacist can do for them. As shown in this report to the U.S. Surgeon General, pharmacists can serve in a variety of roles – many you may not have ever realized!

In case you’re wondering, here are a few things that your pharmacists at Hotze Pharmacy can do for you:

1. We are your advocate! We will work with you to come up with solutions that will help you be successful on your treatment, as well as save you money and decrease the number of capsules you take per day.

2. We can initiate or adjust treatment. If you are interested in trying prescription skincare, like Hotze Skincare RX, just let us know! We will be happy to contact your provider for a prescription.

3. We can educate and provide counseling. If you are having trouble managing your hormones or have any questions about your hormone supplementation, we are here to help you! By phone or in person, we can help you come up with a plan that will work for you.

Contact us today at 281-828-9088 for counseling, for skincare prescriptions, or for help with finding solutions to be successful on your treatment program!

7 Harmful Skin Habits

cosmetic productsYou try to do everything you can to keep your skin fresh, clear and wrinkle-free! However, you may have some habits that are negatively affecting your skin without you even knowing it.

Here are 7 things you need to stop doing to your skin:

1. Skimp on Sleep. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night is a crucial step to achieving healthy skin. Not only will you minimize dark circles, but sleep is the best thing you can do to maintain skin tone!

2. Talking on Your Cell Phone. This is a tough one to avoid, but try using speaker phone or head phones more often! You phone carries a lot of bacteria on the screen that is terrible for your skin to be constantly pressed against it.

3. Drinking Too Much Caffeine and Too Little Water. Caffeine dehydrates your skin which is one of the quickest ways to wrinkles. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and limit your caffeine intake to prevent premature aging.

4. Sleeping with Your Makeup On. Though it sometimes seems convenient, this is a habit you have to break! Sleeping in your makeup clogs pores, causing breakouts and skin irritation.

5. Lingering in the Bathtub or Shower. This is another bad habit that causes skin dehydration and premature aging. Try not to spend too much time in the shower, and always be sure to moisturize when you get out.

6. Getting Too Much or Too Little Sun. When it comes to sun exposure, getting too little can be as bad as getting too much. Make sure you wear a paraben-free sunscreen when you are at the beach, but also make sure you are getting adequate amounts of Vitamin D!

7. Using Products with Too Many Harsh Ingredients. This is one of the hardest habits to break because we all love our products. However, the more ingredients in a product (especially harsh chemicals), usually means more long-term damage. A good trick is to keep your products simple. Choose products with a short list of all-natural ingredients!

Are you interested in trying a new skincare regimen customized for you? Hotze Skincare RX formulations are made with all-natural ingredients that will renew, refresh and revitalize your tired skin! Contact Hotze Pharmacy today to find out more.

Quick Tips to Renewed Skin

8.6 hpEveryone, both men and women, would love to have younger looking skin. With all of the toxins that our bodies are exposed to daily, this task is getting harder and harder for all of us to achieve. However, there are a few things each of us can do to make sure that we are protecting our skin. These five tricks will keep you looking young and fresh without the use of harmful and painful injections!

1. Drink water. 8 glasses of water daily will help rid your skin and body of toxins.
2. Get 8 hours of sleep regularly. Regular sleep not only keeps the dark circles and fine lines away, but also helps maintain skin tone.
3. Use sunscreen daily. Be sure that your sunscreen is paraben-free.
4. WOMEN: Apply Dr. Hotze’s Skin Renewal Cream morning and night on cleansed skin. Visible improvement in skin texture and tone may be seen in as little as 3 weeks. Ladies, this is the cream you don’t want to leave your house without!
5. MEN: Apply Hotze PowerFuel-R daily on the face and neck. This lifting and firming powerhouse cream strengthens the skin, evens out the complexion, and combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Contact Hotze Pharmacy today to ask about getting your customized Hotze Skincare product!

Top 3 Oils to Improve Your Skin

Argan oil with fruits and cosmetic productsTop 3 Oils to Improve Your Skin

1. Squalane Oil
Squalane is oil from the olive. It has unique anti-oxidant properties that protect the skin from free-radical damage.

Why we love it: Squalane mimics are body’s natural moisturizers, so it not only intensely hydrates, but also protects us from toxins!

2. Rosehip Oil
Rosehip oil rich in Vitamins A and E and essential fatty acids which make it incredibly nourishing. It is recognized for its nourishing, healing and protective qualities.

Why we love it: Rosehip oil is non-greasy and super light which makes it incredibly easy to wear every day to hydrate and decrease damage to the skin!

3. Argan Oil
Argan Oil, coming from the Argan Tree in Morrocco, is also rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. This oil is growing rapidly in popularity due to its extraordinary hydrating and anti-wrinkle properties.

Why we love it: Argan Oil can be used on your skin, hair and nails. It truly is a natural, all-purpose oil that you can wear head to toe!

These three oils are the best, all-natural oils you can find for your skin! When shopping for skincare products, check the ingredients to make sure you are getting the highest quality oils to benefit your skin. Hotze Skincare RX, available at Hotze Pharmacy, contains these ingredients and other natural ingredients to help you put your best face forward! Contact Hotze Pharmacy today for questions about our skincare products or to find out how to get your customized skincare preparation!

Love Your Skin!

Why Men Need to Detox

Healthy green vegetable juice on wooden tableEvery day our bodies are exposed to huge amounts of toxins in our environment. They come in the form of alcohol, pesticides, insecticides, preservatives in our foods, parabens and other chemicals in lotions, etc. If left alone, these toxins will overtake our bodies, leading us to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, degenerative arthritis and other serious health conditions.

Furthermore, these chemicals are hormone disruptors, causing the balance of hormones to fall out of balance. For men, this affects testosterone levels. Symptoms of hormonal imbalance from toxins include dizziness, loss of mental acuity, weight gain, joint and muscle aches and pains, and fatigue. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to detoxify your body before they lead to more serious health conditions.

Here are three simple steps to start cleaning the chemicals out of your body:

1. Eat healthy, organic foods that have not been exposed to pesticides.

2. Supplement with bioidentical testosterone to restore healthy hormone levels.

3. Supplement with vitamins and minerals such as Magnesium, Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Testosterone – A Needleless System to Simplify Your Life

If you are currently using injectable testosterone, check out our new needleless system that will help you get the most out of every vial!

Our new vial adapter system has 3 great benefits for anyone who is using injectable testosterone.

1. It allows for less waste of the solution as some of the medication is not isolated in the needle that was previously switched.

2. By piercing the stopper once, you have less chance of contamination of the medication, leakage of the product, or tearing of the rubber stopper.

3. There is less chance of hurting oneself using this method because you are not switching the needles out or carrying additional needles.

Watch this video for a demonstration on how the needleless system works!

4 Health Tips for Men

Grandfather With Father And Son Playing American Football TogetherHappy Men’s Health Month! With Father’s Day approaching, we have a few tips to ensure that the men who do so much for everyone else invest in themselves and their health. Here are four easy tips for every man to live a longer, healthier and more active life!

1. Maintain optimal levels of testosterone. Balanced hormone levels are important for prostate health, heart health, energy, muscle mass and strength, to name a few.

2. Eliminate sugars and processed foods from your diet. Fill your diet with whole foods, fruits and vegetables. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

3. Incorporate weight training in your exercise routine. As men age, weight training in addition to cardio exercise becomes increasingly important to burn fat and maintain muscle mass and strength.

4. Add Saw Palmetto and Vitamin D to your daily diet for prostate health. These supplements will strengthen your immune system and improve urinary flow, thereby protecting your prostate.

Be sure to pass these along to your father, husband, son or friends to make sure that everyone you love is living their best!

5 Unknown Symptoms of Low Testosterone

6.2 hp blog
There is more to low testosterone than low libido. While it’s true that maintaining optimal levels of testosterone is crucial to maintaining a healthy libido, muscle mass and heart health, there are also several unknown symptoms of low testosterone that are caused by hormonal imbalance in men.

Here are 5 less known symptoms of low testosterone:

1. Memory loss
2. Anxiety
3. Depression
4. Poor concentration
5. Lack of drive and motivation.

If you are experiencing any of those symptoms, don’t worry! You are not alone and hope is not lost! By simply refilling your tank with bioidentical testosterone, you can replace all that you have lost. You might even find you have a new passion and vigor for life that you’ve never experienced before!

3 Apps to Simplify Your Life

These days there is an app for everything and that includes apps designed to help you take your medications on time! Do you forget to order refills until you are already on your last pill? Don’t worry, these apps have you covered!

1. Pill Reminder
5.27 pill reminderBrought to you by Drugs.com, the Pill Reminder is an incredibly flexible and easy-to-use application. It is not only a pill and refill reminder, but also a comprehensive personal medication record (PMR) app for your iPhone. Use this app to manage any combination of medications and vitamins/supplements.

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2. RxmindMe
5.27 rxmindmeRxmindMe is a reminder app for your medications, vitamins and supplements. It allows you to enter all your dosage information, set up reminders and keep track of when you take them.

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3. MediSafe
5.27 hp appThe Top Rated medication reminder, if you need to track your medications, this is the app for you! MediSafe is a beautiful, visual and easy-to-use pill reminder and medication management app. It will help you take your medicine on time and safely.

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