5 Yeast Free Lunch Ideas!

If you’re participating in the Yeast-Free with Me Challenge you may find lunch to be difficult. Between business lunches and forgetting to pack your lunch each morning, it can be very easy to fall off of the wagon. . Here are five of my favorite yeast-free lunch ideas:

1) Vegetable and meat stir-fry: On Sundays I will heat up my wok, use a little bit of coconut oil and seasonings and stir fry a variety of seasonal vegetables along with chicken, beef or shrimp. I then package my stir-fry in easy to-go containers so I can grab it in the morning on my way out the door!

2) Bagged salad: I usually keep a few bags of salad in the refrigerator at work. I especially like the Dole varieties that have an assortment of vegetables in them such as sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes and radish! In place of dressing try tossing your salad in hummus and lemon juice!

3) Sandwiches: You may have thought sandwiches were off of the list since you are not allowed to have bread, but think outside the box! Large leaf lettuce such as Romaine makes a wonderful wrap that you can fill with meats and vegetables. Avocado also makes a wonderful spread to replace mayonnaise.

4) You pick the lunch restaurant: Plenty of restaurants have Yeast-Free options. When the office decides to go to lunch pipe-up and you pick the place! Restaurants such as Chipotle, Freebirds or Mongolian Grills that allow you to pick your own ingredients and put them on top of a bed of lettuce make for a filling and excellent lunch.

5) Make your lunch Eggcellent: Hardboiled eggs make great and portable salad toppers and even make delicious fillings for lettuce-wrapped sandwiches. I usually boil half a dozen eggs on Sunday night and pack them along for my lunch.

Please share with us in the comments section any Yeast-Free lunch ideas you love!

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  1. I love the recipe ideas you give me. I now know where to start and what I can have. I also have your cookbook and it is a tremendous help. I look forward to a healthier me!!
    Thank you so very much!!


    • Nancy, thank you for your comment! We look forward to sharing many more recipes with you! If you come up with any recipes of your own make sure to let us know! We’d love to try them!

    • One thing I’ve found that’s very tasty is when I’m preparing my meat, whether chicken or beef or whatever, after I’ve browned it with a good amount of seasoning, I add water and let it simmer a bit on low. Then, I put some of the meat on a big toss salad and pour some of the juices all over the salad and its yummy!! No need for dressing!!

  2. Easy Crab Cakes ( basic recipe)
    I use 12 oz cold crab in small containers at HEB in the Seafood section. They have different varieties. Put crab in a bowl saute a few Tb chopped onion in Grapeseed oil. Add onion to the crab . Add one raw egg. Stir thoroughly. I add , Salt, pepper, Onion and garlic powder and Mrs Dash Table Blend (Dk green cap) to taste.. You can also add Cayenne to taste. Add enough almond flour to just absorb most of the moisture. Make into Patties in whatever serving size you desire. Put them in fridge for about an hour or more to get patties cold. Saute in Grapeseed oil covered on one side til brown, turn and saute the other side without a lid til done. These can be frozen and used later in the week . Or make them very small and serve for Appetizers or for Super Bowl parties. They are GREAT!

  3. Hi. I remember making yeast free pumpkin muffins but lost the recipe. Could you please publish it again? They were so good and helps satisfy the sweet tooth. Thanks so much.

  4. If you like hard boiled eggs but think about them as an afterthought, or if your cullenary skills are challenged in this area remember that Kroger sells a half dozen pre-cooked eggs in the egg section near the egg beaters. My son, who loves hard Boiled eggs turned me on to these cheap wonderful beauties.

    • Eric, thank you for your comment! We would like to hear some of your ideas for Yeast-Free lunches! I am a bit challenged when it comes to my culinary skills and I am always seeking new Yeast-Free recipes!

    • Janice, that is a great question! I brainstormed with Stephanie at PPVS and here is what we came up with.. Nuts, nut butters, beans of all kinds, lentils, Chia seeds which can be purchased at the grocery store in the health foods section and mixed into smoothies or juices or eaten on top of a salad, hemp, avocados actually have between 1 and 2 grams of protein per cup and are a great healthy fat. I will make sure to incorporate more vegetarian friendly recipes on the blog for future posts!

      • Thanks for thinking about vegetarian options. Is quinoa permitted? It’s one of my favorite ways to get my protein.
        I also like edemame, hummus, almond butter, and vegetarian chili. I found some bean chips at Whole Food.

        • Christine, I would call Phone Nurse and ask them their opinion on the Quinoa. I do not think it is permitted, but I’m not sure. I love the Whole Foods 365 brand Vegetarian Chili, it is really good!

    • Thank you for always following and leaving such great comments Richard! Call me at the pharmacy whenever you’re free and I will tell you about the rough time I had at Rocky this year! Talk soon!

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