Time to Order Your Diflucan!

As most of you already know the first month of Yeast-Free with Me is coming to a close. If you started with us on January 16 you are entering your fourth week of the eating program. This is a major accomplish and everyone should pat themselves on the back right now! Since you have successfully made it this far, don’t forget one last and very important step to the Yeast-Free Eating Program: taking your Diflucan (Fluconazole.)

Diflucan is a systemic, anti-fungal medication; this is one of the last steps in eradicating the yeast from your colon. The Diflucan should be taken during the fourth week of your Yeast-Free diet, unless told otherwise by your physician. I plan on continuing my Yeast-Free challenge for two more months! Any other blog followers out there plan on doing the diet for a full three months with me? If so post a comment and let me know, that way we can continue cheering each other on!

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  1. Hey, I actually didn’t get started until 2 weeks after everyone else so I am only on my 2 weeks. I do plan on continuing for the full 3 months!!
    Thanks, Kathy
    PS I still haven’t gotten my energy back…..this time has been a bear!

      • I will! I don’t remember feeling this tired this first time I did the cleanse last summer. It could be that I have a bone spur in my heel and that already has me worn out. I’m doing very well on the plan and can’t wait to get to that “feeling great” stage!

  2. I will be continuing YF for 2 more months along with you!!! Should I take the Diflucan this week or wait till the last week of the diet?

  3. Can you tell me if you sell the Diflucan without a RX? I am unfortunately one of the many that have been stricken with no medical insurance. I have also called and requested prices for the services.
    Unfortunately, I am in no position to afford any of the services at this time.

    Could you please advise.
    Carol Cohen

    • You must have a prescription for Diflucan. There are however many supplements that help with yeast cleansing at Physician’s Preference, our vitamin store, that do not require prescription. You can contact them at 281-646-1659 and a vitamin consultant can advise what options you could take. Thank you for your wonderful comment!

  4. I’m with you! I can hardly believe that its week 4 already! The first 2 weeks were so hard, I missed cheese and chocolate so bad! This week is somewhat better, I still have my moments with chocolate, especially just before my period, but I’m not missing the cheese so much any more. Cooking non-yeast-free meals for my family and the food rotation was difficult for me at first, but I’m finally getting into the groove. It really makes me think about what I’m eating especially since when I do mess up and eat something I shouldn’t the yeast in it makes me sick. Something that has helped me a great deal is cooking more than I can eat that day and freezing individual portions for the next rotation, plus my family is getting more yeast free every day! 🙂
    So you can definitely count me in for the next 2 months.

    • Way to go Sandy! Cooking ahead and freezing the meals for the week definitely makes it easier, especially when you’re on the go! I miss chocolate and cheese too, but the rewards of how great we feel being yeast free is so much better! 😀 Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.

    • Thank you for your comment Diana! We will make sure to keep those yeast free recipes coming! If there are any particular meal times you’d like recipes for please let me know!

  5. I plan on making it 3 months this time! I would love to hear more specifics on how to eat the next 2 months. I feel like the book doesn’t really explain how we are to finish up. What we can add and how often and so on.

    • Thank you so much for the comment, Denise! I will be posting an entire blog entry next week dedicated on tips and tricks of how to get through the next 2 months along with some recipes!

  6. I am actually about a month ahead of everyone else here. I plan on continuing to complete a full three months. I did the yeast-free diet back for only a month at the end of 2008 and felt better right after, but I do not think the month was long enough. I am hoping to have lasting effects this time. BTW re: Diflucan, I have seen recommendations from other sources saying it is necessary to take the Diflucan for 3 months as well. Any thoughts on that?

    • Rob, thank you for your comment! In regards to taking the Diflucan for three months as well that would be a great question for your physician. Glad you are doing the Yeast-Free Diet for 3 months with all of us!

  7. I’ve been on the yeast free program since December 19th. I am feeling great and have lost 4.5 inches and 24 pounds. This is even greater than I had hoped for. Now I don’t want to ever go back to eating the way I used to eat. There are many foods I do not miss anymore. I love the new me… my husband has lost weight just by eating better along with me!

  8. so let me get this straight, diflucan during week 4 along with the 2 nystatin 3x a day? our paper work from the clinic says diflucan after 3 full weeks on the full dose of nystatin….thx

    • Anne, thank you for your comment. That is correct. After you have been on the diet and taken Nystatin for 3 full weeks, at the start of your fourth week you take Diflucan and continue your Nystatin per usual protocol. If you have any other questions please contact the phone nurse at 281-579-3600.

  9. My primary care physician wants me to go on a yeast-free program but his is different than Dr. Hotze’s and he says I will need to be on it for 6 months to a year. he’s stricter in some ways – no coffee or tea – but not as strict in other ways. I’m confused. He is willing to prescribe Diflucan, but says he does not believe in the nystatin. Is nystatin something I can get from you or is it prescription also?

  10. Could you please provide more YF breakfast suggestions? I am allergic to eggs and have Many other food sensitivities, so breakfast is the hardest meal for me. Thanks for all y’all do!

    • Marti, while I am not allergic of eggs after a few weeks of yeast free dieting I get pretty tired of them. A few things I like to do are turkey breakfast sausage mixed with kale, red bell peppers, onion and garlic, or even a fruit smoothie with fresh berries, apples and oranges! Thank you for leaving a comment and following the blog!

  11. I’ve been doing the yeast free plan since Jan. 23rd. I have lost 26 pounds & need a belt to keep my pants up. (I’ve been seeing a doctor for the thrush and have had diflucan prescribed for me. I was given 1 200mg and 21 100 mg of diflucan. My thrush still wasn’t gone so a doctor at the clinic gave me 10 more 100mg of diflucan. After I got an u.r.i. I was given 14 100mg diflucan with my antibiotics. My thrush grew back to where it was before I started a the yf diet. It’s concerning me. A doctor yesterday gave me 14 pills of 200mg diflucan. I’m going to talk to another doctor tomorrow to see if I have to take all the medicine given to me. I don’t want liver or kidney damage.) I don’t have medical insurance anymore and have the gold card.
    I have found Dr. Hotze’s program very helpful. I’m going to stay on the program for 3 months and try to get this thrush back down again. It was almost gone before I got sick. I do love the fact that I am losing the weight. I was morbidly obese before I started the program. I have more energy and my nails have actually started to grow longer without breaking. I do miss some foods, but starving out the yeast is more important then a pizza or hamburger.

    • Kimberly, congratulations on your weight loss! 26 pounds is amazing! I agree, the way you feel when eating yeast-free surely beats a slice of pizza or a burger! Thank you for your comment.

  12. Are we allowed oranges? I read somewhere that was not a fruit we could eat due to the sugar content. Also, does turkey sausage have nitrates in it? If we can have turkey sausage I’d love to go buy some. I do have some bacon that doesn’t contain any nitrates, but it does contain minute traces of cane sugar. I have frozen it until I have finished the yf diet.

    For breakfast I eat a cage free egg, sometimes a piece of chicken or beans with it. Can we have organic oatmeal or flax seeds? Thank you.

    • Dear Kimberly, thank you for your comments! After two weeks of yeast-free dieting you can add fruit, including oranges to your doctor. Also, turkey sausages are allowed. Try perhaps getting organic turkey sausages, Applegate Farms is a great brand that Whole Foods carry. Eating cooked oatmeal, as part of breakfast, is not recommended on the yeast-free diet, however you can cook with raw oatmeal in peanut butter balls etc. Flax seeds are okay! Thank you again.

  13. “Eating cooked oatmeal, as part of breakfast, is not recommended on the yeast-free diet, however you can cook with raw oatmeal in peanut butter balls”

    I don’t put anything in the oatmeal except salt free butter from land o lakes. I have organic oatmeal, but haven’t opened it yet. Why is it ok to eat raw oats and not cooked oats? Please explain. Also, isn’t peanut butter not allowed on the yf diet? I’m confused. Since I took the antibiotics and most of my thrush grew back (even though I’m taking diflucan) do I need to start the yf diet from the very beginning?

    • Kimberly, thank you for your comment. I would recommend asking these questions to your physician. If you are a guest of the Health and Wellness center the phone nurse could definitely answer all of these inquiries. Thank you again for your comment.

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