Organize Your Mind!

Since it is National Stress Awareness Month, I wanted to share an article on organizing your mind that I found fitting. The article offers the following tips:

  1. Take charge of your negative emotions
  2. Sustain your focus to one thing at a time
  3. Apply the brakes when a distraction comes along
  4. Access your short-term memory
  5. Shift your attention to a new task
  6. Connect all these steps together

I definitely plan on incorporating these tips in my life and will report back with good results! What are your tips for staying organized?


Article Comments

  1. Write down everything that you can! The more that you write down the less you have to remember and the more “mindspace” you have to focus on other things as you go through your day. Once you write it down you don’t have to remember it anymore – it absolutely works!! You just refer back to your “list” whenever you feel the need!

    • Jan, especially with the planning of my upcoming wedding I have found writing things down as soon as I think of them to be essential! Thank you so much for sharing this tip with our blog community! 🙂

    • I agree, writing it down is so freeing. I found an effective method of
      de-cluttering while writing lists.
      My I-phone has a a sticky note app therefore my stickies are with me wherever I go. These stickies are organized by Date & Topic plus the phone alphabtizes them. If I want it will email these notes to me automaticlly. I organized and free of those colorful “forget me not” paper trails
      Celia 🙂

  2. thank you for your tips and support. i definitely struggle with a organization. As a result, then I am counterproductive. today i will take control and write my daily goals down and throw away negative emotions.

    • Anj, thank you for your very kind comment! I have a goal board that is in the office area of my home. I made it out of a piece of card stock, decorated it, and write my weekly and monthly goals on colored sticky notes. As soon as I’ve accomplished a goal I place the sticky note in my ‘goal books.’ It’s a good way for me to keep track of the things I get accomplished! Have a Happy Easter!

  3. I definately feel that having a balance in life is the most helpful in creating a de-stressing environment. Ours days seem to be shortening and we always feel like 24 hours just isnt’ enough and that’s where learning to balance our work and fun is important. Prioritize your tasks for both work, home and extracurricular and focus on one thing at a time and always give yourself time to relax and have fun!

  4. I flopped around with various organizational methods; trying to do their way would ultimately frustrate me.

    I wound up using a simple clipboard [they do haev cute ones around!] with five – six different sized sections lined out on gr aph paper in a landscape setup. You could set it up in portrait style, whatever.
    I make one secion HOUSE, one JOB [im looking for work}, one STUDY, one MONEY, one THIS WEEK,with a subsection GO GET at the bottom.

    I put down everything i need to do on the back of an old envelope, then put down the tasks into the proper sections. Anything I need to itemize [grocs] I put a star and on the back I keep a long sticky paper note to write down the items. Likewais sfor anything I need to get while out.

    clipped under a couple of pages of graph paper [in cas ei have a project coming up in the next few weeks], I have printed out a large calendar page of two-three months. I’ll write down the event on this and then put what I need dto do on the graph, either the current one or a page for the next week.

    I also use a smartphone calendar with alarm settings. this helps me tremendously. And every day at lunchtime and at 4pm, I have a phone alarm that alerts me to check my list and see if I’ve made all the calls, bank deposits, etc. for that day. I get so involved with computer stuff or another project I’ll forget to do what was important for the day.
    The alarms so me sooo much. And the graph paper lists sounds like a hassle, but helps me to see everything I need to get done that week ALL AT ONCE, and be able to set up sticky notes for those days I’ll be out.

    But the best way to keep yourself focused and organized is the one YOU can use effectively and continuously.

    Learn to use your smartphone to set up alarms, etc. Don’t feel ashamed when they go off and someone asks you. I tell them medicine — because many times it IS! Good luck everyone!

      • I agree with Dee,
        1. I’ve always used a Daytimer book in the past, but have found that the Outlook Program with calendar that you can use on your desktop computer that can also sync with your iphone works great. It has little alarms and reminders that go off to remind you of tasks or anything you want.
        2. regarding keeping work tasks organized, a book “Problems of Work” really helped me to keep things more organized in my work life.

        3. Ask friends for help with some tasks that they are better at than you, and you can always return the favor on the things that you excel at.

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