Happy Fitness Month!

Since I absolutely love Fitness Month, I asked around the pharmacy and found out what several of our staff members favorite exercises are!

Amy and Kim, our pharmacists, enjoy doing yoga because it is a relaxing stress reliever and helps them stay physically fit.

Barb at the front desk enjoys going for walks with her husband. It is a great way for them to spend time together and get in some good exercise.

Cheryle in shipping is currently training for Tough Mudder! She is learning to enjoy running, along with strength training.

Lucia our compounding expert enjoys swimming. Being in the water gives her the quiet relaxation time she needs to unwind from a long day.

Daisy, another one of our super compounders, enjoys Jazzercise! The group work-outs choreographed to the music, along with strength training gives her something to look forward to during the week.

I suppose my answer is pretty obvious to any of you who are following the blog, but my favorite exercise is running. Running dissolves all of my stress and worries and makes me feel on top of the world! The feeling of completing a race is like no other!

I look forward to celebrating Fitness Month with you all and hearing all of your favorite exercises!

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  1. I love cycling because it is easy on the knees an joints! Spin classes are easy to adjust a workout to really get your heart rate up and a great leg workout. I can do two classes back to back at the Katy YMCA! We also ride with the Houston Bicycle Club long country rides and nice city rides with friends. Get the App: MapMyRide or MapMyRun ect….they are fun!

    • Laura, my fiance and I love cycling as well! There is a new app he stumbled across the other day called Strava that you can use for both running and biking that competitively stacks you up with others members as far as longest distance / fastest ride / run. Adds a neat competitive aspects to your workout! Thanks for following the blog! 🙂

  2. About 4 years ago I added cycling and swimming to my training while recuperating from a car collision. When I was able to run again I kept up with these other activities and started do triathlons–and there are a bunch of shorter distance triathlons in the Houston area. I’ve found the variety of several training activities contributed positively to my desire to keep up with an exercise program, which also helped my weight loss.

    Although there are some who would say I’ve taken it to an extreme as I am doing my second Ironnman triathlon in a couple weeks.

    • Richard, glad to see a comment from you! I will keep you in my thoughts that your Ironman goes well, are you doing a full or a half? Best of luck to you! I will be rooting for you!

  3. Stephanie, I came back to say that I completed Ironman Texas in 13:41:06 for a big improvement over last year’s time of 16:35:49. It was a long, hard and emotional day, but I also enjoyed it to the fullest. I’m already looking forward to my next Ironman (although that will be at least a year away).

    • Richard, CONGRATS! That is an awesome time! I was rooting for you this weekend! If I can get my swimming up to par I am going to try to do a half Ironman next year, who knows.. maybe I will see you out there! Congrats again and way to go on a new personal record!

  4. Stephanie, Here’s the link to that article I told you about regarding our discussion about non-runners (or whatever sport) not wanting to hear about our various sporting adventures that we so desperately want to share. It is a humor website that masquerades as a news site for its humor.


    I hope you have a great day and next time I’m there I’ll be happy to hear all about your latest race adventure!

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