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10 Simple Stress Busters

Stress is unavoidable in today’s world, so if you are having a tough day, here are 10 simple tips for getting rid of stress immediately.

simple stress busters

Chronic, unrelenting stress is a different story. Unfortunately those tips won’t relieve chronic stress and, if left untreated, it can lead to adrenal fatigue and can have a severe affect on your health. Stay tuned next week for long term solutions for chronic stress!

6 Ways Stress is Affecting You

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Stress is one of the many ways the body responds to the environment. It can be a good thing because the stress response is the body’s way of protecting you. When working properly, it helps you stay focused, energetic, and alert. However, beyond a certain point, stress stops being helpful and starts causing major problems. Chronic stress disrupts nearly every system in your body. Here are 6 ways that stress is affecting you:

1. Raises blood pressure
2. Suppresses the immune system
3. Increases the risks of heart attack and stroke – yes, stress can kill you!
4. Contributes to infertility
5. Speeds up the aging process
6. Causes adrenal fatigue

Given the many negative impacts stress has on your body, it makes sense that 75% of doctor visits are stress-related. Have you been to the doctor lately for something that you now realize could have been caused by stress?

Get your nails ready for summer!

Straw hat, bag, sun glasses and flip flops on a tropical beach
Now that spring has finally arrived, we are already thinking about those summer days in flip-flops at the beach! Before you book that pedicure, take a second to look at your nails because nails can tell a lot about your health.

Did you know?

1. Soft, rigid or peeling nails can be a result of your thyroid gland not functioning properly. If you notice these things, it is a good idea to check your resting body temperature and see if you have any other symptoms of hypothyroidism.

2. Any changes in your nail such as brittleness, loss of shine, discoloring, or loosening of the nail are signs of a fungal infection.

Unfortunately, fungal infections are very difficult to treat because they cannot be resolved with over-the-counter medications, but there is something you can do. Dr. Hotze has created a natural anti-fungal nail solution that will get to the root of the infection without causing any liver damage.

Dr. Hotze’s Nail Solutions is made with:

Terbinafine + Itraconazole: Stops fungal reproduction
Tea tree Oil: An ancient natural antifungal
DMSO & Urea: Enhances the drug penetration
Biotin (Vitamin H): Helps eliminate the infected nail and speeds nail growth

If you think your nails may be in need of Dr. Hotze’s Nail Solution, contact Hotze Pharmacy today or talk to your doctor about a natural solution to get your nails flip-flop ready!

Secrets to Achieving Blemish-Free Skin

blemishfree skin

For many of us, achieving a blemish-free, glowing appearance can be a challenging task. Surprisingly, two of the most common factors that contribute to undesirable skin are hormonal imbalances and food allergies.

Balanced estrogen and progesterone levels allow for increased skin elasticity which will not only help prevent wrinkles and sagging, but will also help your skin heal more quickly. Many people find that when they replenish their natural hormones, their skin changes dramatically.

Food allergies are very common and could easily be the cause of your skin woes. In fact, up to 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies, and a lot of them may not even realize it. While it can take some patience to determine if they are the culprit of your blemished skin, you will be amazed at how much better you feel. Get started by keeping a food diary to track what you have eaten and how it has affected you. Allergy testing can help guide you, as well.

If your skin needs a little bit of extra help in the meantime, we recommend Dr. Hotze’s natural, antibiotic-free acne cream, which contains the following all-natural ingredients:

• Azelaic Acid and Tea Tree Oil – natural antimicrobials
• Niacinamide – a natural anti-inflammatory
• Aloe Vera Oil – antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory & moisturizer
• Vitamin A (Retinoic Acid) – increases the capacity of the skin to regenerate, unclog the pores and decreases the sebum excretion rate

If you have any questions about Hotze Acne Free Cream or want know how we can help you achieve blemish-free skin, contact Hotze Pharmacy today!

Why you should change your skin care products

set of makeup products isolated on white backgroundChange is hard. It’s even more difficult when you have found the perfect products for your skin. But did you know that most of us are slathering our faces every day with cosmetics that are filled with chemicals? Some of the most prevalent chemicals to look for and avoid in cosmetics are parabens.

Parabens are put in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products to act as a preservative, but can have dangerous effects on your body. Parabens mimic estrogen, and therefore can disrupt virtually every system in your body, including your thyroid.

Make sure to check the label when shopping for anything that you think might need to be preserved. You want to avoid products with any of these ingredients:

-sodium butylparaben

*Hotze Pharmacy preparations are compounded using only paraben-free ingredients so you can be sure you are getting the finest quality compounds!*

4 Steps to Renewed Skin

There are a lot of products out there that promise to keep your skin looking young and fresh, but a beauty regimen that minimizes wrinkles and fine lines, and improves tone and texture is easier than you think! Here are 4 daily steps to renew and rejuvenate your skin:

1. Get 8 hours of sleep regularly. Regular sleep not only keeps the dark circles and fine lines away, but also helps maintain skin tone.

2. Drink water. 8 glasses of water daily will help rid your skin and body of toxins.

3. Apply Dr. Hotze’s Skin Renewal Cream morning and night on cleansed skin. Visible improvement in skin texture and tone may be seen in as little as 3 weeks.

4. Use sunscreen daily. Be sure that your sunscreen is paraben-free.

skin renewal cream

5 Unique Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

One of the top questions we hear from guests, especially as we come to the close of Heart Health Month, is “what can I do daily to prevent heart disease?” Sugar is obviously a hot topic this year as many new studies are showing the toxicity of sugar for your body. But aside from eliminating sugar from your diet, exercising daily, and taking some time each week to relax, here are 5 things you may not have thought about incorporating into your daily regimen to prevent heart disease:

1. Progesterone/Estrogen – Replenishing and balancing progesterone in women can protect the arteries. Women who replenish estrogen during menopause have close to two times less risk of dying from a heart attack than a woman of similar age not taking bio-identical estrogen.

2. Magnesium – Magnesium deficiency is a common cause of arrhythmia. It is essential in the regulation of heart rhythm, and the function of nerves and muscles. Dr. Hotze recommends 400 – 1000mg per day.

3. Testosterone – Testosterone affects muscle mass, so don’t forget that the heart is a muscle too! An optimal level of testosterone is essential to a healthy heart. Studies have shown that low testosterone levels are associated with coronary artery disease in male patients with angina.

4. Vitamin C – Vitamin C is crucial to every system in the human body, especially your heart because it is necessary to build collagen to help repair arteries and to convert cholesterol to bile.

5. CoQ10 – Victims of heart disease tend to be deficient in CoQ10, so it is vital that you supplement this essential nutrient. Studies have shown that taking CoQ10 can decrease the risk of a major adverse cardiac event 50%.

How Hormones Affect Your Heart


Hotze Pharmacy Receives Accreditation From National Board

The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) today announced the accreditation of Hotze Pharmacy in Katy, Texas. The accreditation is awarded in recognition of the pharmacy’s commitment to meeting and/or exceeding national quality standards.

Hotze Pharmacy was among the first in the nation to become accredited by PCAB in 2007 and is routinely re-inspected to maintain its status. “Our PCAB® Accreditation status and our designation as a PCAB Accredited® Compounding pharmacy lets our community and our guests know that Hotze Pharmacy ranks among the best for commitment to quality,” said founder and CEO, Dr. Steven Hotze.

“We are honored by this new accreditation. It confirms our commitment to providing safe, personalized solutions that meet the medical needs of our patients – and the needs of the healthcare providers in our community who rely on us for these specialized medicines,” said Pharmacist-in-Charge, Kimberly Haddock.

Compounding medications is an integral part of the practice of pharmacy and the demand for these customized medications are increasing every year. Yet many people may not even be aware of its role. Compounded medications are prescriptions that are written by physicians, veterinarians and other legally authorized prescribers and prepared for an individual patient by a specially trained pharmacist.

7 Tips for a Healthy Heart