Beat the Heat and Stay Fit!

Both of my favorite types of exercise, running and cycling, require being out in the extremely hot Houston heat! I’d like to share a few ways I get in work-outs in the comfort of my air-conditioned living room so you too can beat the heat!

My at home “gym!”

  • Stability ball exercises: You can do anything from sit-ups, push-ups or aerobics with an exercise ball. I like to do a circuit of 30 crunches, 30 push-ups and 30 wall squats all using the stability ball first thing in the morning to get my blood flowing!
  • Lunges: Start with your feet shoulder width apart, taking a big step out and making sure your hips are in line and you are facing forward. Bend both knees to a 90 degree angle until your knees are just off the ground. Push-up through your front heel, switch legs and repeat! I like to do three sets of 10-15 reps, and add weight for a more intense work-out.
  • Push-Ups: Push-ups are an excellent work-out that work your core and upper-body and can literally be done anywhere. If you can’t do a push-up yet, no fear! Start by doing a wall push-up, then move to kneeling push-ups and before you know it you will be doing push-ups in no time!
  • Jumping rope: In the mornings I also like to move my furniture back, stand a safe distance from the television and jump-rope for about 20 minutes. This is a great cardiovascular activity that requires very little equipment, and if space permits can be done indoors.

Share with us what type of indoor exercises keep you out of the heat and in shape!

Article Comments

  1. using 2-story stairs in the morning and/or afternoon for about 10 minutes, walking upstairs, walking downstairs, walking around the downstairs area, back and forth, sometimes up to 30 minutes. I feel like I have had a workout and the walking was done indoors in a/c home. I live in a 1700 sq.ft home divided by two floors, so it not a large home, but the workout is meaningful and cardio nevertheless.

    • Sylvia, I do this at my apartment complex in the mornings a lot, I love stair climbing it’s so good for cardio and strenghtening legs! Thank you for your comments! 🙂

  2. bringing together mind, body, spirit i like to do a yoga posture of legs up the wall…in my case due to having no wall space it is legs up the refrigerator and that adds a new dimension as one can be in front of the fridge and yet not gain weight by going into it for those delightful and dangerous snacks…and washing footprints off the fridge is easier than wall surface too. it is a spot you know that nothing will ever be in front of it so you nedddent clear anything away before doing the pose and the self awareness of being to engage in exercise indoors and “being” cool… take care and rejoice. Sister Catherine

  3. Rebounding (mini-trampoline) – aerobic, strengtherns core, healing to the entire body at the cellular level, outstanding for lymphatic system, helps with detox, easy on joints, and fun. Need I say more? It’s a best-kept secret, and I’m thankful I stumbled upon it.

      • Memorial City Mall near my home opens at 5 AM for mall walking before the stores open. I go at 7 AM and love that it is air-conditioned, not just a circular track, and keeps me power walking in the rain. There is a senior walking club that meets in the food court and when I arrive I see them sitting at tables laughing and drinking coffee one vendor puts out early for them. The mall near you is probably the same and mall walking is a great mix-it-up alternative exercise to keep your body from getting in rut.

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