6 Ways Progesterone Benefits the Brain

9.17 HP BLOGYou have probably heard that progesterone is important for women during pregnancy, but did you know how important it is for your brain? The brain is highly sensitive to progesterone, so ensuring that you have optimal levels of it can be very beneficial.

Here are 6 ways that progesterone benefits your brain:

1. Progesterone has a calming effect.

2. Because levels fall after childbirth, supplementing with progesterone can prevent postpartum depression.

3. Progesterone stimulates the brain’s GABA receptors (those feel-good, calming neurotransmitters).

4. Progesterone helps regulate cognition.

5. Progesterone deficiency can cause depressed, irritable moods.

6. Progesterone has a protective effect by reducing swelling and improving mental clarity after a traumatic brain injury.

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