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The Truth About Estrogen for Women’s Health

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Given the many conceptions about estrogen in the universe, it can be hard to distinguish which is right, wrong or even close to accurate. So, let’s debunk some common estrogen myths:

  • Estrogen is not bad. Because of the correlation with estrogen and various cancers found in women, estrogen has gotten a bad rap. The truth is that estrogen is a vital hormone for a woman’s health; you need it to thrive! The key is to balance it with progesterone.
  • Estrogen dominance does not mean that you have too much estrogen. In fact, you can be estrogen dominant and estrogen deficient at the same time.  Estrogen dominance simply means that the progesterone levels are not high enough to offset the adverse effects of estrogen.  As women age, both hormones decline, with progesterone levels falling 120 times quicker.  Even though your estrogen levels may be declining too, the more sudden drop in progesterone can cause you to become estrogen dominant. The solution is to replenish both estrogen and progesterone to adequate levels.
  • If you’ve had cancer, it doesn’t mean that you will never be able to supplement with estrogen. However, all cases are different. Given time after treatment, a woman may be able to start taking estrogen again, carefully and under doctor supervision. After all, the best cancer prevention for a woman is hormone balance, which doesn’t exclude estrogen!
  • Lastly, estrogen replacement after menopause will not cause you to have a period again. Depending on your symptoms and needs, your physician may continue to keep you on estrogen supplementation for many years to come, but it will not stimulate monthly menstruation.

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