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Breast Cancer Question of the Week

breastcancerquestion“What can I do daily to prevent breast cancer?”

Here are 7 simple steps you can take right now to reduce your risk of breast cancer:

1. Cut sugar out of your diet.

2. Supplement with iodine.

3. Take Vitamin C and Vitamin D daily.

4. Use only paraben-free cosmetics and personal care products.

5. Take only bioidentical hormones to balance your hormones. Never use counterfeit hormones like Premarin or Prempro.

6. Never heat foods in plastic.

7. Avoid drinking water from plastic bottles.

Breast Cancer Question of the Week

ladythinking-427x270“Can you take bioidentical hormones after having breast cancer?”

Dr. Hotze discusses when you can take bioidentical hormones after having breast cancer. He also addresses the prevention of breast cancer and the importance of progesterone.

Breast Cancer Question of the Week

ladythinking-427x270“Will taking estrogen increase my risk of getting breast cancer?”

We know that breast cancer is commonly caused by hormonal imbalance. Almost all risk factors associated with breast cancer are directly or indirectly related to excess estrogen, or estrogen that is not properly balanced with progesterone. As your body ages, progesterone levels fall faster than estrogen. For many women, progesterone levels fall during the ages of 30-40. This hormonal imbalance can be easily corrected with bioidentical progesterone supplementation, which is identical to the progesterone made by your body. Progesterone (not progestins) should always be used to balance estrogen. It is crucial to differentiate between bioidentical hormones and counterfeit hormones such and Prempro and Premarin.