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Top 5 Reasons We Love Our Guests!

Guest Appreciation Week has arrived and I decided I’d go around the pharmacy and ask different staff members a few reasons why they love our Hotze Pharmacy guests! I thought I’d share these with you so you all would know how much we truly appreciate you!

  1. James in the compounding lab loves our guests because they give him the opportunity to compound quality products that he is proud to be able to supply to our guests!
  2. I love our guests because of the moments of cheer and laughter they fill our day with when we get the opportunity to talk to them on the phone.
  3. Barb and Dawn love seeing our guests walk in the front door and the joy their smiling faces bring to them.
  4. Our pharmacists love being able to counsel our guests and help them get their lives back!
  5. .. and the top reason is that we LOVE having the opportunity to help our guests change their lives, while they in turn enrich and change ours!

We hope all of you enjoy our beach themed Guest Appreciation Week! Also, don’t forget that all during this week, July 23rd through July 27th, you can save an additional 10% in Hotze Pharmacy, and everyone who places their order online will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card!

Summer Lovin’!

It’s that time of year where we show you, our guest, how much we appreciate YOU! July 23 through July 27 we will be celebrating our guests in all three businesses! It will be like a gigantic beach party with food, goodies, prizes and special promotions just for you! I wanted to give the blog readers a sneak preview of some of the really neat things we will have in store for you next week.

  • Our compounding pharmacist, Lucia will be available for skin care consultations all five days from 2:30 to 3P.M. Please e-mail to make an appointment, spots are limited!
  • Yeast-free goodies made by our very own staff members (and your Hotze Pharmacy Blogger) in all three businesses every day.
  • Every guest who places an order during Summer Lovin’ Week will receive a goodie with their order.


Keep up to date with what special promotions and prize drawings we will be having on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to show you all how much we appreciate you

Hurricane Season!

If you live on or near the coast, you’re probably aware that hurricane season has officially begun. I have put together a list of a few very important hurricane supplies to keep on hand if you live in an area that could be affected by hurricanes this season.

  1. Ice
  2. Water
  3. First aid kit
  4. Flashlights and batteries
  5. Candles and matches
  6. Canned goods and non-refrigerated food items such as crackers and nutrition bars
  7. An AM/FM radio that can be powered by batteries
  8. Pet food if you have pets
  9. A multi-tool, such as a Swiss Army knife.

Please share with us any of your must haves in your hurricane survival kit, hopefully none of our readers will need to use them! Also, keep in mind that UPS can be affected in many areas if a hurricane strikes, make sure you have an ample supply of medication handy in the event a hurricane were to strike and impair the ability for UPS to deliver packages. Thank you in advance for your input, we look forward to reading your comments!


Happy Fourth of July!

Fourth of July brings to me memories of swimming at the lake, fireworks and delicious food! I’d love to share with everyone one of my favorite delicious and healthy Fourth of July recipes!

Red, White and Blue Trifle:


  • 3 cups of blueberries
  • 2 cups of strawberries, sliced
  • 2 cups of raspberries
  • 6 cups of unsweetened Greek Yogurt
  • ½ cup slivered almonds
  • 2 tablespoons of Sweet-n-Natural


  • Wash and dry all berries, set aside. Mix the six cups of unsweetened yogurt with the Sweet-n-Natural. In a large trifle dish or individual parfait glasses, place a layer of yogurt, a layer of blueberries, a layer of yogurt, a layer of strawberries, a layer of yogurt, a layer of blueberries, a layer of yogurt, a layer of raspberries, and then a final layer of yogurt. Neatly sprinkle slivered almonds around the edge of the dish and garnish the top with a few berries.

I hope you all enjoy this delicious and festive recipe! Also, please note that we will be closed Wednesday July 4in observance of the holiday and will re-open Thursday July 5.