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Help Us Give Back With Commit For Life!

There are several things in life I really enjoy; a few of them are free cookies, free t-shirts and prize drawings! Lucky for me, and you Friday, April 27 here at Hotze Health & Wellness Center, the wonderful team from Commit For Life will be here to take blood and plasma donations! I’d love for anyone interested to come on down between 12and 4:30 p.m., hang out with me and get some free swag! Each participant will receive a Commit for Life t-shirt, and a coupon for a free cookie at The Great American Cookie Company! There will also be a raffle for a $10.00 Starbucks gift card and Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak! Plus, the greatest reward of all is that only one pint of blood can save up to three lives! Click here to schedule your appointment!

Here are a few tips to remember if you come to donate next Friday:

  1. Boost your iron levels by eating fortified cereal, red meat or green, leafy vegetables. The most common reason a person is deferred is low iron count so start adjusting your diet today.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep prior to donating.
  3. Eat a hearty meal at least one hour before donating
  4. Drink at least one 16-ounce bottle of water prior to donating.

We look forward to seeing everyone next Friday!

5 Tips For Keeping Stress at Bay!

As we’ve mentioned, April is National Stress Awareness Month and my mission for this series of blog posts is to help you become less stressed, or at least look less stressed! A lot of people, including me, carry their stress in their face. This can lead to a premature aging of the cells, which of course leads to unsightly wrinkles. Here are a few tips to de-stress this month and prevent those wrinkles and frown-lines from popping up!

– Drink more water!

– Meditation

– Physical activity such as running or yoga

– Get plenty of sleep

– Sign up for the Stress-Less Series

Also, to keep you looking free of stress, we would like to extend an offer for $10 off any order of Hotze Skin Renewal Cream placed between now and April 30th! Just mention the word ‘Renew’ when placing your refill orders over the phone or online!

Organize Your Mind!

Since it is National Stress Awareness Month, I wanted to share an article on organizing your mind that I found fitting. The article offers the following tips:

  1. Take charge of your negative emotions
  2. Sustain your focus to one thing at a time
  3. Apply the brakes when a distraction comes along
  4. Access your short-term memory
  5. Shift your attention to a new task
  6. Connect all these steps together

I definitely plan on incorporating these tips in my life and will report back with good results! What are your tips for staying organized?