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Pesky Parabens!

“Earlier this month, researchers at the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Center at the University Hospital of South Manchester, England, released the results of a three-year study that measured the concentrations of five parabens at four different locations across the human breast using human breast tissue collected from 40 women undergoing mastectomies for primary breast cancer (J App Toxicol. Jan. 12, 2012). This most recent study found one or more paraben esters in 158/160 (99 percent) of the tissue samples, and in 96/160 (60 percent) all five esters were present.” ORIGINAL ARTICLE…

Parabens are substances that are commonly used in cosmetic products as preservatives. They are petroleum based chemicals that prevent the growth of bacteria. A few common parabens to look out for include benzylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben. Parabens have also been linked to allergic reactions, dermatitis, and disruption in hormonal balance in our bodies.

I have always been a fan of paraben-free cosmetics. I like knowing that my skin is not absorbing potentially dangerous chemicals from the cosmetics I’m using. It can sometimes be a challenge however sorting through the shelves at your local drug store or make-up counter and trying to figure out what is safe and what is not.

Our entire line of Dr. Hotze’s Skin Care Preparations are paraben-free. Our skin care line currently consists of Hotze Skin Renewal Cream, Hotze Acne Free Cream, Hotze Eye Renewal Cream, Hotze Callus/Wart Removing Cream, Hotze Sun and Age Spot Cream, and coming soon, Hotze Rosacea Cream. Physicians Preference also carries a wonderful paraben-free lip balm.

For Valentine’s Day we are having a Sweetheart Special on all of our Hotze Skin Care preparations. All preparations mentioned above will be buy one full price, get the second 25% off. This is a really good opportunity to try out some of our amazing paraben-free preparations! All of these preparations are prescription only, so please make sure you contact your physician for a prescription before placing your order. This BOGO event will begin February 13 and will end February 28, just mention BOGO when placing your orders!

Want to Get Yeast Free With Me?

Want to Get Yeast Free With Me?As the beginning of the year I often times find myself feeling a little bloated, tired and my pants fitting a little tighter. All of the holiday treats I took part in over the past two months have filled my system with yeast! The overgrowth of yeast in our colons, which is part of our large intestines, leaves us feeling bloated, gassy, fatigued and uncomfortable. Lucky for me the staff here at Hotze Pharmacy has started the yeast free eating program! The yeast free eating program eliminates yeast from your system by eliminating sugars and simple carbohydrates, killing the yeast by taking compounded Hypo-A-Nystatin and Fluconazole, and replenishing the good bacteria in your system, Lactobacillus Acidophilus with Physician’s Preference’s Probiotic Blend! The yeast free eating program is a wonderful way to get back to feeling on top of the world and shed a few of those pesky holiday pounds!

So I pose to all of you who read our Hotze Pharmacy Blog a challenge; Would you all like to get yeast free with me? If so please visit and sign up! We began January 16, but it is never too late to start! Please check in with us here on the blog and on our Facebook for recipes and tips, we love to hear how everyone is doing! Also as an added bonus please check into Physicians Preference for deals and get $15.00 off of your Hypo-A-Nystatin prescriptions through February 14, 2012! (Just in time for Valentine’s day!)

The Importance of Medication Compliance

The Importance of Medication ComplianceI can admit that when my life gets busy and stressful I have been guilty of being non-compliant with my medication. I thought with the New Year arriving a good resolution for me to stick to is to be compliant with my hormones and allergy medications. To find out exactly what compliance is, how it is important to my health and steal a few tips on how to remain compliant I decided to interview one of our pharmacists!

What exactly is medication compliance anyway?

Pharmacist: Medication compliance is taking your medication exactly as your doctor has prescribed. Being compliant with taking your medication means you are taking the prescribed dosage at the prescribed frequency for the prescribed duration of treatment. It also means you have observed the auxiliary information regarding your prescription (i.e. take on an empty stomach, avoid iron or other minerals within 4 hours of taking this medication, etc.) and are following the directions accordingly.

Why is it important to stay compliant?

Pharmacist: It is important to stay compliant to ensure a positive therapeutic outcome (to feel better).

Do you have any tips for staying compliant with my medication?

Pharmacist: To stay compliant, I recommend using a pillbox. I would also put the pillbox somewhere you go first thing in the morning to remind you to take your morning doses (next to the bed, the bathroom, next to the coffee pot). Putting the bottles in the medicine cabinet just reinforces the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Now that the Pharmacist has let us all know the benefits of staying medication compliant and some useful tips I look forward to ringing in the New Year without missing a dose! Now I just need to hop over to Physicians Preference and get one of those nifty pill carriers! (