Pesky Parabens!

“Earlier this month, researchers at the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Center at the University Hospital of South Manchester, England, released the results of a three-year study that measured the concentrations of five parabens at four different locations across the human breast using human breast tissue collected from 40 women undergoing mastectomies for primary breast cancer (J App Toxicol. Jan. 12, 2012). This most recent study found one or more paraben esters in 158/160 (99 percent) of the tissue samples, and in 96/160 (60 percent) all five esters were present.” ORIGINAL ARTICLE…

Parabens are substances that are commonly used in cosmetic products as preservatives. They are petroleum based chemicals that prevent the growth of bacteria. A few common parabens to look out for include benzylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben. Parabens have also been linked to allergic reactions, dermatitis, and disruption in hormonal balance in our bodies.

I have always been a fan of paraben-free cosmetics. I like knowing that my skin is not absorbing potentially dangerous chemicals from the cosmetics I’m using. It can sometimes be a challenge however sorting through the shelves at your local drug store or make-up counter and trying to figure out what is safe and what is not.

Our entire line of Dr. Hotze’s Skin Care Preparations are paraben-free. Our skin care line currently consists of Hotze Skin Renewal Cream, Hotze Acne Free Cream, Hotze Eye Renewal Cream, Hotze Callus/Wart Removing Cream, Hotze Sun and Age Spot Cream, and coming soon, Hotze Rosacea Cream. Physicians Preference also carries a wonderful paraben-free lip balm.

For Valentine’s Day we are having a Sweetheart Special on all of our Hotze Skin Care preparations. All preparations mentioned above will be buy one full price, get the second 25% off. This is a really good opportunity to try out some of our amazing paraben-free preparations! All of these preparations are prescription only, so please make sure you contact your physician for a prescription before placing your order. This BOGO event will begin February 13 and will end February 28, just mention BOGO when placing your orders!

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  1. Can you share cost of Hotze paraben-free skincare items?

    Also, can you share some paraben-free, make-up lines?

    Thank you,

    • The cost of these items vary. Please give us a call at 281-828-9088 or toll-free at 1-877-640-5248 and any of our wonderful technicians can give you the pricing. I use the Bare Minerals cosmetic line and it is paraben free and very easy on my sensitive skin. Thank you for your comment Debbie!

  2. Most cosmetics don’t put the ingredients on their products, so how can I know what I’m putting on my face? I’m 50 and these chemicals weren’t in the products in the sixties, neither did we have all these diseases.Salt, sugar and no telling what else the FDA is allowing in our food and household products.

    • Kendra, I stick to cosmetics that list their ingredients on the packaging. I also know that the representatives at many cosmetic stores such as Sephora know which products are paraben-free! I hope this helped! Thank you for the comment.

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