Help Us Give Back With Commit For Life!

There are several things in life I really enjoy; a few of them are free cookies, free t-shirts and prize drawings! Lucky for me, and you Friday, April 27 here at Hotze Health & Wellness Center, the wonderful team from Commit For Life will be here to take blood and plasma donations! I’d love for anyone interested to come on down between 12and 4:30 p.m., hang out with me and get some free swag! Each participant will receive a Commit for Life t-shirt, and a coupon for a free cookie at The Great American Cookie Company! There will also be a raffle for a $10.00 Starbucks gift card and Dr. Hotze’s PowerPak! Plus, the greatest reward of all is that only one pint of blood can save up to three lives! Click here to schedule your appointment!

Here are a few tips to remember if you come to donate next Friday:

  1. Boost your iron levels by eating fortified cereal, red meat or green, leafy vegetables. The most common reason a person is deferred is low iron count so start adjusting your diet today.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep prior to donating.
  3. Eat a hearty meal at least one hour before donating
  4. Drink at least one 16-ounce bottle of water prior to donating.

We look forward to seeing everyone next Friday!

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    • Sherre, thank you so much for considering donating blood and reading the blog! Here is what the Commit For Life website says, “I have had cancer. Can I donate? There is a 3-year waiting period after completing treatment for internal cancers, except lymphoma, leukemia and melanoma, which are permanent deferrals. Minor external skin cancers such as basal or squamous cell you are eligible to donate 2 weeks after the cancer is removed.” You can take a closer look at their FAQ section by visiting Hope to see you Friday the 27th! 🙂

  1. This is as big a Feel Good Scam as organ donation. Ask how many dollars are generated for medical community from each donation. Ask how much is charged to each patient for a donated pint of blood. Ask how much donated blood goes to patients….Rid yourself of the notion that the blood you donate will help some poor patient survive and keep his bills down.

    • Kay,

      I can’t imagine what our blood banks would look like if everyone felt like you. Shame on you! I hope you never need any!!
      I for one will be there!

  2. I started giving blood last year and now my husband had joined and gives blood too! Too bad there is so much negativety about this.

  3. Stephanie…did you know the schedule is almost too full already? Did sign my husband and myself…will take turns watching the grand baby Sophia in between.

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