Are your beauty products safe?

Since our inception in 2001, our commitment has always been to provide you with exceptional quality.

Over the last several months, you may have heard us talk a lot about how toxins are the number one reason for illness. Did you know that one of the ways your body absorbs toxins is through your skin? Take a look at your makeup and skin care labels. More ingredients listed on a product usually means more toxins are entering your body. We recognized this problem and decided that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health for beauty.

What is the solution? Natural ingredients. Hotze Pharmacy is proud to provide our guests with two new lines of extraordinary beauty products, Andalou Naturals and Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup.

Over the next several weeks we’ll tell you more about Andalou Naturals and Jane Iredale Makeup, how these products will benefit you, your skin and your health, and when you can order them from Hotze Pharmacy!

Comment on our Facebook page now with questions about your skincare routine, and we will answer in next week’s blog!

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