Acne Free Cream and Sun/Age Spot Cream!

Our amazing compounding team has been hard at work developing several new preparations for a variety of skin care needs that are just too great to not share with you all! For the next three weeks I will be highlighting two of our specialty skin care preparations here on the blog and offering a special deal for blog readers! The preparations I will be shining the spotlight on today are Hotze Acne Free Cream and Hotze Sun/Age Spot Cream!

Hotze Acne Free cream contains Niacinamide, an ingredient that has natural anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the redness and swelling acne can have; Tea Tree Oil and Azelaic Acid, which are natural microbial agents, which help cleanse the bacteria from areas of the body with acne;, Vitamin A, which unclogs pores; and Aloe Vera Oil, which has anti-bacterial, virucidal, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties! I personally love this preparation and use it anytime I have an unruly pimple pop-up!

Hotze Sun/Age Spot Cream contains Hydroquinone, which lightens darkened areas of the skin such as sun spots and age spots; Vitamin A, which not only unclogs pores but increases the capacity of the skin to regenerate; Vitamin C, which promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin and protects the skin from UV damage; Hyaluronic Acid, which is a strong moisturizing agent which helps the skin retain elasticity, Hydrocortisone, which decreases irritation of the skin, and Aloe Vera Oil.

All of our specialty preparations do require a prescription, so just give us a call and we will coordinate with your physician to request a prescription for you. Also, if you give any of these preparations a try please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section of the blog our on our Facebook page. We are continually trying to improve all of our preparations and would love to hear from you.

As an added bonus for being awesome blog readers if you mention the code “SP20” you will receive 20% off of Hotze Acne Free Cream, Hotze Sun/Age Spot Cream, Hotze Rosacea Cream, Hotze Skin Renewal Cream, Hotze Eye Renewal Cream or Hotze Cold Sore Lip Balm through May 31! Check back on next week’s blog to learn about Hotze Skin Renewal Cream and Hotze Eye Renewal Cream!


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    • Carol, thank you for your comment. The Acne Free Cream is $49.00 for a 30 gram (roughly 1 oz) tube, and the Sun/Age Spot Cream is $67 for a 30 gram (roughly 1 oz) tube. Both of those are the price before the 20% discount and the price before shipping (shipping is $3.50 for UPS ground), thank you so much again and have a great day!

  1. I would like to get information on the Sun/Age Spot Cream, and skin care including the eye cream and their approximate costs . Approximately, how long will the perscriptions last etc, and can I purchase it from your location or do I have to have it compounded. I may have requested these perscription several years ago, but the cost was prohibitive at the time. Grateful for the SP20 discount and any other specials that are being offered.
    My primary care physician is:

    Susan Erie
    Village Family Practice

    Kindest Regards,

    Virginia Grace
    713.515.3220 mobile

    • Thank you for your comment Ms. Green! The Sun/Age Spot cream is $62 (before the 20% discount) and depending on how much of the cream you need (only apply to areas where there are dark spots) it can last some guests up to 2 months or more. It does need to be compounded, however if your physician calls a prescription in to our pharmacy we will gladly contact you and fill it and either ship it to you or you can come pick it up. Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day!

    • Michelle, thank you so much for your comments. The Hotze Skin Renewal Cream is $75.00 before the 20% discount. Also, if you’ll check back in with the blog tomorrow our blog post tomorrow will be show casing our Hotze Skin Renewal and Hotze Eye Renewal creams, and the ingredients and much more information on it will be listed. The blog will be posted at 7:00 A.M. tomorrow morning!

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